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Morisosum Gompa in Kalibon

This year we supported the building of a kitchen building next to the monastery after having supported the building works for the last years. In November 2023 the ceremonial inauguration of the new Gompa will take place.

Hurikot Gompa, Hostel and School

We have been supporting Geshe Nyima Wozer and the Yungdrung Droduling Monastery in Hurikot for many years. In the meantime, a hostel has been established and classes in Tibetan language and in local Bon tradition.

Eye-Camp 2023

We organised an eye camp to mark the school's 25th anniversary. We measured eyesight, prescribed glasses and also operated on cataracts patients. So many were treated and operated on site.

Losar, consecration of new geshes and the birthday of a master

After the New Year festival, a birthday and the consecration of new geshes was also celebrated. Many came from Dolpo for this.

First Tapriza alumni meeting

In February 2022, after a long Covid-19 enforced break, the need for social exchange increased. Since many alumni from Dolpo came to Kathmandu on the occasion of the New Year celebrations, committed youth organised a large Tapriza...

Winter school and students in Kathmandu

The winter school 2021/2022 was successful again. The students studied eagerly for their exams. But there was also time for new experiences, such as first steps in the climbing hall, together with our President Marietta Kind.

Tibetan medicine at the school and at the Amchi Clinic Chunubar

The Tibetan doctor Amchi Yungdrung Choekhortsang has just started working in the Amchi Clinic next to the school.

Medical help thanks to donations

Die zweite Corona-Welle im Frühling und Sommer 2021 traf den Himalaya-Staat hart. Anfangs mangelte es in Dolpo an allem. Dank grosszügiger Unterstützung von Schweizer Spenderinnen und Spendern konnten wir jedoch einen wichtigen Be...

Call for donations: Emergency situation in Dolpo

It is becoming more and more evident that the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic will affect the people in Dolpo severely. The situation has been worsening every day since the end of May. Nepal currently has one of the highest r...

Current medical situation May 2021

In the beginning of spring, the school could still open because at that time there were no Covid-19 cases in Phoksumdo. However, now there is a lockdown in all of Nepal, and the Tapriza school also has closed. The cases are increa...

Health projects 2020

The work in the health posts was dominated by the pandemic. The employees did important prevention work and carried out Covid-19 tests.

Sewing course for traditional bokhu

In Phoksumdo only Tashi Tarke Baiji still knows how a bokhu – the traditional local clothing made of self-dyed and woven textiles – is sewn in the traditional style and he is already 79 years old.

Supporting monasteries and shrines

Thegchen Rabgyeling Monastery in Pumer was in a very poor condition. Its roof was leaking and the monastery committee did not have enough financial means to carry out sustainable repairs. With a financial contribution we made it p...

Health project, more important than ever

During the Corona pandemic, it became apparent how important the work of our nurse Pasang Dolma and our health assistant Kesang Lhamo is...

Health in the times of Corona

Due to the pandemic, our nurses are very busy educating people about the risk of infection. They also distributed masks and carried out corona tests on returnees to prevent the virus from spreading into schools and villages.

Travelogue of the Tapriza healthcare team

In spring 2019, Dr. Hans Marty and Dr. Peter Abbühl from the Tapriza healthcare team visited the health posts and the school together with representatives of the newly founded Swiss NGO DolpoCare.

Health projects and advanced trainings 2017

In the health centers we were able to employ former Tapriza students. Others we supported in their further education and advanced trainings. We were also able to support the visit of a Tibetan doctor.

News from the health projects 2016

In autumn 2016 Hans Marty and Claudia Schmid, the team in charge of the Tapriza NGO health projects, travelled to Dolpo and visited the various health posts, especially also those we support.

Health Post in Phoksumdo

This year, the nurse Pasang Dolma took care of patients in the health post Chunuwar in Phoksumdo and monitored births as a mid wife.

Health projects: health posts, education and Tibetan medicine

The Tapriza NGO supported the health post in Chunuwar with medicine and equipment. We financed a nurse who is in charge of the health posts in Phoksumdo. Additionally, we supported five students in the health sector with scholarsh...

Kagmara micro hydro project: maintenance and performance

Three men from Pugmo and one man from Ringmo went to Kathmandu to receive training in maintaining the micro hydro power project. They are now in charge of the upkeep and can fix minor malfunctions by themselves.

Cultural heritage: Prayer wheel in Pugmo and monasteries

2015 we supported the murals in the renovated prayer wheel house in Pugmo as well as equipped some monasteries with plastic sheets to seal the roofs.

Happy Losar - Happy New Year

We wish you happyness and blazing energy for the fire-monkey year starting on 9th of February. The Tapriza Team.

Activities after the earthquake - a short overview

Much has happened in Nepal since the earthquakes in April and May. Nepal has a new constitution that brought hope but also new unrest. However, the reconstruction is progressing sluggishly. In the following we will give a short ac...

Successful Vocational Training

Last year the Tapriza NGO supported the former student Gyamtso Rokaya from the village Ringmo in his advanced training in power supply - with great success!

Increased Efforts for Better Health Care in Dolpo

Dr. med. Hans Marty travelled to Dolpo with Claudia Schmid and investigated the health care situation. After his return, a fruitful collaboration with Tapriza for the improvement of medical care came into being. Read more in our n...

Bijuli - Electricity in Pugmo

Finally its real - The Kagmara Micro Hydro Project is running and the village of Pugmo is connected to its own power source! What an amazingly fast result with so many people putting in all their energy. Congratulations and enjoy....

Kagmara Micro Hydro - First Trial Run

Good News - The infrastructure of the Micro Hydro Poject is finished and was successfully tested on Sunday, the 7th July. The wiring will be completed soon.

First success of our Yak project

The vaccination program supported by our Yak project shows first positive results. This spring the newborn Yaks are strong and healthy. The Yak herders thank all the supporters.

Bon Symposium Kathmandu

In combination with the Mendrup ritual in Kathmandu a Bön Symposium took place with a number of speakers who talked on Bön religion in Nepal and on various specific topics of Bön. 10.-11. Dec 2012. Click for more infos

Kagmara Micro Hydro Project in Pugmo

Soon electricity for the first time in Pugmo and surrounding. On a local initiative of the villagers a micro hydro project has been created. With a lot of energy and months of free work, the village is approaching electrification....

Samling Gompa

This year we contributed to the construction of the Labrang in Samling Gompa and the restoration of the leaking roof of Nyel Meme Yungdrung Lama.

Kalibon Morisosum Gompa

Visit to the Morisosum monastery above the village Kalibon. Due to structural damage, there is need for renovation. Support of the construction of new staves.

Improving health care

In collaboration with the Dolpo Tulku Foun­dation and One Heart Inter­national we want to contribute to impro­ving the health situation in Phoksumdo.

Ringmo Gompa Prayer Wheel House

Contribution to the new prayer wheel house in the Ringmo monastery. It is being built by the two geshes and the village community with support of the abbot from the Kathmandu monastery.

Crystal Mountain Pigrimage and Festival

The Shey crystal mountain pilgrimage took place this year at the end of August in Shey. In the auspicious dragon year 2012 (every 12 years) the Dolpo-pa organised a large festival that we supported with a contribution.

Hurikot Gompa & School

Support of the Hurikot monastery run by Geshe Nyima Wozer and the attached hostel for students from remote areas and teachers for Tibetan language and culture.

Supporting a local initiative - new toilets in Phoksumdo

On request of the parents committee and the local NGO Tashi-D we decided to support a project to promote the construction of toilets in the VDC Phoksumdo.

Swiss Yaks Collect for Dolpo Yaks - Project with Yak Farmers in the Vallais

In autumn 2012 Rosula Blanc and Sonja Mathis traversed the Alps from North to South with their yaks. In 8 weeks they walked 600 kilometres and crossed 20 passes. Aim was to find a sponsor for every accomplished kilometre. With the...