Health project, more important than ever (11/02/2021)

During the Corona pandemic, it became apparent how important the work of our nurse Pasang Dolma and our health assistant Kesang Lhamo is...

The pandemic made the people in Dolpo, as everywhere in the world, feel very insecure. Unfortunately, in this year the state heath care provisions were notably absent again. In contrast, our health workers were all the more present and provided valuable preventive services with regard to COVID-19. Our school manager Semduk Lama organised the necessary protective materials such as masks, disinfectants, thermometers and COVID-19 testing kits. Pasang Dolma and Kesang Lhamo toured the villages, informing the people about the pandemic and especially about how they could protect themselves and their loved ones. In addition, they continued their health regular examinations and visitations of the sick.

They received unexpectedly active support from Kalsang Lama, the health assistant. He used to work at the health post but is currently studying for a bachelor in public health at university in Kathmandu – a degree that enables access to the government health administration. With all the universities closed due to the pandemic, he had returned to Dolpo like many others. He wanted to utilise his time wisely and offered his work on a voluntary basis. Namsay Lama, the Tibetan amchi from Pugmo, also volunteered for the health of the local population. He usually teaches at the Tibetan Medical School in Kathmandu which was also closed this year. His treatments are very much appreciated.

We are grateful for the commitment of our team and of all those returning home to wait out the pandemic. Their contributions to the health sector were particularly valuable in these challenging times. Our school management received consistent positive feedback on the work of our health post staff. The confidence in its work has increased significantly this year. This is probably also because once again, it was evident that our health workers are reliably on site in testing times and that the well-being of the population is dear to their hearts.

Covid-19 tests...