Dolpo (nep. Dolpa) ist ein Distrikt im Nordwesten Nepals an der Grenze zu Tibet. Der Distrikt liegt in der Karnali Zone.

Books on Dolpo

Literature on Dolpo and on the Bon religion.

The Tapriza School

Since 1998 the Tapriza NGO Switzerland supports a boarding school in the remote district Dolpo in north-western Nepal. The school gives a Tibetan speaking minority access to education and offers the possibility to learn their own language, history and culture along side the national curriculum of Nepal.

A constituent element of the school is the Bon religion which is widely practiced in Dolpo. Therefore, the school is named after an erstwhile Bon master Tapriza (tib. Ta-pi-hri-tsa). The school is, however, open to children of all religions and in the meantime 192 children are enrolled. Locally the school is supported by the officially recognised non-profit organisation Tashi-D. Residents of the surrounding villages comprise the board.  

  • in the heart of the remote district Dolpo
  • for the predominantly Tibetan speaking population of Phoksumdo
  • with kindergarten, primary and secondary level up to Class 10
  • including local culture and Bon religion
  • with boarding possibilities for students and teachers
  • managed by a local non-profit organisation (TASHI D-NGO)

  • according to the school curriculum of Nepal
  • in Nepali, Tibetan and English language
  • in local history and religion
  • in local handicraft and traditional knowledge
  • with practical workshops and excursions

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