Medical help thanks to donations (04/02/2022)

Die zweite Corona-Welle im Frühling und Sommer 2021 traf den Himalaya-Staat hart. Anfangs mangelte es in Dolpo an allem. Dank grosszügiger Unterstützung von Schweizer Spenderinnen und Spendern konnten wir jedoch einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Linderung leisten.

The second Covid-19 wave in spring and summer 2021 hit the Himalayan state hard. Initially, Dolpo lacked everything. However, thanks to the generous support of Swiss and US donors, we were able to make an important contribution to alleviating the disease. Semduk Lama, our gifted project coordinator, quickly managed to organize the essentials in Kathmandu and arrange the transport to Dolpo: antigen tests, masks, disinfectants, protective clothing for the health workers, medicines, as well as oxygen concentrators and nebulizers.

Thanks to our donations, the district hospital in Dunai could also be supplied with medicines and nebulizers. Initially, there was not enough protective clothing for the staff.

In Phoksumdo and at the school, our health workers used the material immediately. Together with former Tapriza students, they took responsibility for different villages, informed the population, and distributed protective masks.

In this year, Kalsang Nyima Lama’s voluntary work was central again. We support him in his bachelor in public health administration. Together with our health staff, he organized a successful Covid-19 prevention and awareness campaign in the villages. This was particularly important as there was still little knowledge of virus transmission. As soon as the government made the vaccines available, the Tapriza health team, together with the government health assistant, started inoculating the population immediately, also thanks to all the protective material we provided. They split up and were able to vaccinate everyone above 18 years in the various villages simultaneously. The cooperation between the Tapriza health team and the government was excellent for the first time ever this year. Kalsang Nyima and Dawa Dolma also received reimbursement from the government for their work in the vaccination campaign. There is talk of a vaccination rate of 95% for the Phoksumdo region. 

Although there are also cases of Covid-19 in Dolpo, no news of serious cases reached us from the school and the surrounding villages of Phoksumdo.