Kagmara Micro Hydro - First Trial Run (10/07/2013)

Good News - The infrastructure of the Micro Hydro Poject is finished and was successfully tested on Sunday, the 7th July. The wiring will be completed soon.

The main infrastructure of the micro hydro project is completed and it was successfully tested on Sunday. Two bulbs were attached, one in the monastery and the other in the village. Thereafter the entire village population celebrated in the Namgyal Lhakhang monastery of Pugmo, and all participants were thanked, amongst others the engineer, the school manager and project coordinator Semduk Lama, the Tapriza NGO and all large sponsors. 

The remaining cables and bulbs are on the way from Dunai to Pugmo but should reach the village within the next few days. Then the wiring will continue and electricity will soon reach all the households of Pugmo.