Health projects 2020 (25/05/2021)

The work in the health posts was dominated by the pandemic. The employees did important prevention work and carried out Covid-19 tests.

Health posts
They were the first point of contact for concerned people and, along with the Tibetan amchi, the only ones who provided medical help in Phoksumdo.

Scholarships and further education in the health field
We continued to support Kalsang Nyima Lama for his bachelor's degree in public health and Nyima Lhazom Ba?ee in her training as a health assistant. Lhazom lost her mother and lives as an orphan in difficult financial circumstances. Both had to pay fees despite the Covid-19-related closure of the universities. Nine other students received grants for their bachelor's degrees in social work, humanities, and environmental and educational science. The medical student Yungdrung Magli Budha from Ringmo received again a grant to cover her costs thanks to a specific donation.