Swiss Yaks Collect for Dolpo Yaks - Project with Yak Farmers in the Vallais (29/06/2012)

In autumn 2012 Rosula Blanc and Sonja Mathis traversed the Alps from North to South with their yaks. In 8 weeks they walked 600 kilometres and crossed 20 passes. Aim was to find a sponsor for every accomplished kilometre. With the collected funds a new project of the Tapriza NGO in Dolpo will be supported.

TRAVERSING THE ALPS: On foot with yaks through the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean See. Two extraordinary women collect funds for a Tapriza NGO project in a most unusual way.

In Dolpo yaks are the main source of livelihood for nearly all the inhabitants. Loss of animals due avalanches or illness threaten the existence of the owner. The new yak project in Dolpo aims at improving yak breeding and the health of the animals. Exchange between yak owners will increase learning and knowledge, a new male yak will refresh the bloodline and every so often a vet will visit the region. The yak caravans as well as the women living on the alps with their female yaks are to be equipped with a first aid-kit for animals and humans. An additional option is to support the families who have had a large loss of animals and poor families or single mothers to obtain a new yak.  

Locally a yak committee has been formed with representatives of the different alps. First contributions have already been paid into a fund, in which donations from local yak owners and from abroad are collected. For further information to the caravan in Switzerland see

The yak project can still be supported. 

Tapriza NGO Postal Account: IBAN CH30 0900 0000 8752 2110 0, BIC: POFICHBEXXX: Please indicate: Yak project

Jenny Bentley