Bijuli - Electricity in Pugmo (28/01/2014)

Finally its real - The Kagmara Micro Hydro Project is running and the village of Pugmo is connected to its own power source! What an amazingly fast result with so many people putting in all their energy. Congratulations and enjoy.

Hard work for the transport. Several donkey caravans with material, especially cement. Many porters with more delicate material or also heavy material like the 200kg pieces of pipe. Helicopters with the most delicate parts like the transformer and the generator. Days and days of handwork to prepare the stones needed for the channels. Handwork also to cut the trees and transport them to the site both for the powerhouse and for the electricity poles... Endless work locally and a lot of fundraising work in Kathmandu and Switzerland. But finally with an amazing result - Bijuli - electricty.

The first place to get enlightened - how could it be - is the Gompa in Pugmo with many colourful lights.