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25th anniversary of Tapriza School

In October the Tapriza Secondary School in Dolpo celebrated the 25th jubilee with sport competitions, games, many prizes, presentations, singing, dancing and speeches.

ECO campaign and film award

The ECO Club received national recognition for its work. We are proud of our students.

Advanced training in teaching methods and gender awareness

2022 there were two important advanced trainings at the school. The teachers deepened their knowledge in applied teaching methods. The staff and students also took part in a gender awareness program.

Storm damage

Heavy storm damage the school.

Another year of exception

2021 was marked by the pandemic.

Another year under the influence of the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic determined life in Nepal and at the Tapriza School in 2021.

Annual Report 2020: In the year of the pandemic

2020 was a challenging year for the school management, parents, and children. In Nepal, government schools were closed in March due to the pandemic and remained so until the end of the school year. Tapriza School handled the situa...

The school year during the pandemic

2020 was a challenging year at the Tapriza School in Nepal, as it was for many people around the world. The Coronavirus pandemic, the corresponding regulations of the Nepalese government and great uncertainty shaped the life of th...

School despite Corona

As there are no cases of Corona in Phoksumdo as of now, the classes are continuing in reduced form. Students of Class 6 to 10 walk to school every day to attend the lessons, some of them up to 3 hours. The teachers visit the villa...

Tapriza Eco Club - a success story

In 2019, our students and our staff championed for environment and the cleanliness of the school and its surroundings. Their activities were even featured in national television. We are proud of them and their dedication to enviro...

Holy books of the Bon religion reach the school

Another highlight of the last year was that Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche of the Triten Norbutse Bon Monastery in Kathmandu donated a major collection of sacred books of the Bon religion, the kangyur and tengyur (the words of the B...

Donations, sports, and some warmth

2019 our students received donations of sports material and warm winter gear from Switzerland. Their excitement and gratitude was huge.

News from the school

Our 2019 Newsletter has just been published. Click here to get the most recent news from the Tapriza School

20 year Tapriza School: From the foundation up to the present

In the year 2018 we celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the Tapriza School. We are thankful to the commitment of the Tapriza team in Nepal and in Switzerland as well as the loyal support of our members, donors and friends

Reconstruction 2017

The severe earthquakes in 2015 significantly damaged the side wing of the school building. Elaborate reconstruction work was necessary:

Documentary film - Tapriza School, Dolpo, Nepal

This documentary by Lou Sophie Doerig - NOW AVAILABLE on Youtube - is about Tapriza School in Dolpo, Nepal. It was founded by locals (Semduk Lama and Geshe Yungdrung Wangyal) in 1998 in cooperation with Dr. Marietta Kind, a social...

A trip to the school

What are the former students of the Tapriza School doing today? With this and many other questions in their mind our vice-president Franziska Do¨rig and her niece Lou Do¨- rig travelled to the Tapriza School in autumn 2016. Mariet...

Hardworking Students during yearly final exams

Like every year in November the final exams are held outdoors, shortly before the winter vacation. In the mean time the Class 10 students have started their winter school in Kathmandu.

Post-Earthquake Reconstruction

The first phase of reconstruction after the earthquake damages was successfully completed before the onset of winter. The structure of the new building stands and has space for class rooms and hostel.

Hardworking students at their final exams

Like every year the final exams are held outside in November, just before the winter break. The Class 10 students have already started with the winter school in Kathmandu.

Our first Tapriza graduates today

The Tapriza School has grown in the recent years – and with it the students. The first class to graduate is going its own way, but the students still keep contact with their previous school and the Tapriza NGO.

Reconstruction of the damaged building

After the devastating earthquake the Tapriza School received donations of Fr. 100’000.- for the reconstruction of the damaged schoolhouse wing and Fr. 41’044.- for emergency aid and long-term rebuilding. We thank all of you for yo...

Tragic accidents in Dolpo

Sadly tragic news reached us from Dolpo. Two students from Class 9 were killed in accidents.

School trip to Chitwan

On the way to Kathmandu the winter students made a trip to the Chitwan National Park in the south of Nepal.

Changes in teaching staff

Ramakanta Bhushal left the Tapriza School at the end of 2015. The former director of our school, who taught there since the foundation 18 years ago, was granted a transfer to his home place, where he can now live with his family. ...

Rebuilding the Tapriza School

At the school rebuilding has started. In 2015 labourers carried out the preliminary works and dug a pit for a strong foundation.

Success at the school leaving exams

Good news from the Tapriza School. All our Class 10 students, here on their school trip to Chitwan national park, passed their school leaving exams (SCL) in first division! Congratulations and thank you to everyone at the school f...

News from the Tapriza School and Hostel in Kathmandu

Most of the students and former students have returned to Dolpo from Kathmandu. At the school the rebuilding of the building with the boy's dormitory and five classrooms is being planned.

We are contributing to the rebuilding after the earthquake

Since the earthquake on Saturday many people have contacted us to find out if the people in Dolpo and at the Tapriza School are safe and have offered donations. We thank all our members, donors, and friends for their concern as we...

Earthquake in Nepal - Tapriza family is safe

Today Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake leaving over a thousand dead and uncountable missing. The Tapriza students, teachers, staff, former students and families are all shuck up, but luckily safe. The school in Dolpo a...

Newsletter 2015

Tapriza School is still in the top position of the thirteen senior secondary schools in Dolpo. Health post became a birthing clinic and the Yartsa Gunbu «gold rush» increasingly brings problems.

From the School

We are proud of our students. Anew the Tapriza School acquired the top position among the 13 secondary schools in Dolpo in the national final exams.

Clean water at the Tapriza School

Thanks to a new PAUL water filter the students and teachers now have access to clean water at any time ofthe day.

The Advent of Modernity: Electricity and Laptops

Since last year the school has enough electricity to enable the students access to computer education. At the school they can gain the necessary experience with modern technology in a guided and purposeful way.

Toilets and Water Pump

In the year 2014 the new toilets were completed and increase the hygiene at the school.

School Start 2014

Class ten just fini­shed their SLC exams while four tea­chers took part in tea­cher trai­nings in Dunai. The rest of the crew and tea­chers al­ready reached the school and star­ted to prepare the for sp...

School News from the Newsletter 2014

The Tapriza School is running well and many new children joined. All about the summer excursion and more...

Happy Losar

We wish you all a prosperous Horse-Wood-Year "The Tapriza Family"

School at Winterbreak and a Happy New Year

The school closed the doors on 9th of November for winterbreak. The first snow had already fallen. The 10th class students have arrived savely at the hostel in Kathmandu for winter break.

Film of Tapriza School Danceshow

A film about the Cultural Program of Tapriza Schule is now available on Youtube (Tapriza Cultural Show).

School Exam Results - all our students passed!

This year 59% of all canditates for the SLC (School Leaving Certificate) failed. This is not the case for our students - all 6 students passed, 3 of them with 1st division!

Annual Report 2012

The annual report of 2012 with many pictures of school life from photographer Manuel Bauer is ready for download.

Opening for 2013 and Schooladmission

End of March the school opened after winterbreak and on 14th of April the new student admission starts for kindergarden and older kids with entry tests to find their proper school level. We wish them all a good school start!

Interview with Tapriza students in Kathmandu

Once more we were able to support the former Tapriza students for their class 11 and 12 in Kathmandu. An interview of Bruce Moore with three of the students provides an insight.

SLC - School Leaving Certificate Exams for class 10

We keep our thumbs up! After winterschool in Kathmandu the class 10 students walked from the hills to Dunai for their exams, as the airport is closed due to the construction works. On 14th of March exams started.

Happy Losar

All the best for the Tibetan water-snake-year that begins today. May all your dreams and commitments come closer to fulfillment. The Tapriza Team

Teacher Training in Multi-Lingual Education

For the Tibetan teachers and the teachers of primary level a workshop on the topic Multi-Lingual Education took place in Kathmandu. It was organised by Amanda Christie and was also visited by the "Director General of Department of...

Tapriza Students at Mendrup Ritual

The great Mendrup Ritual started at Triten Norbutse Monastery in Kathmandu on the 9th of December and will continue until 28th of December when the empowerment will take place. Click for more infos.

Closed for winter - Start of winterschool in Kathmandu

The students and teachers have left the school for winter holiday, except the students of class 10, who travelled to Kathmandu for winter school.

School Leaving Exams of class 10

On 23rd of October our students of class 10 had their final exams for the School Leaving Certificate (SLC). All passed the exams with good grades. 90% with 1st division and 10% with 2nd division. We congratulate!

Cold snap at Tapriza School

End of October the tem­pera­ture dropped deeply. All water pipes were frozen, even the river. While the teachers sought the warmth around the kitchen fire, the child­ren kept them­selves warm with a lot of move­...

Article in the Nagarik News about Marietta Kind and Tapriza

The Nepali Nagarik News writes about Marietta Kind and her work in Dolpo, especially the Tapriza School and connected projects. by Amrit Bhadgaonle (in Nepali)

Annual school performance

Like every year the parents travelled to the school, some of them for more than 4 days, to enjoy the meanwhile re­nowned cultural program of the school with its dancing and singing...until 3 o'clock in the morning! And on the ...

National Education Award - A great honour for school manager Semduk Lama

The school manager Semduk Lama received the National Education Award, a renowned national award for extra­ordinary achievements in the education sector. We are delighted and congratulate him!