School despite Corona (28/10/2020)

As there are no cases of Corona in Phoksumdo as of now, the classes are continuing in reduced form. Students of Class 6 to 10 walk to school every day to attend the lessons, some of them up to 3 hours. The teachers visit the villages in rotation in order to teach the children from Kindergarten to Class 5 and give assignments until the next visit.

The majority of teachers reached the school after a arduous journey in times of Corona. On the way it was not possible to stop and stay overnight, which made the journey extremely challenging. Nevertheless, most of them returned to the school and, after the teachers had completed the quarantine period, the local students of the higher grades (6th to 10th grade) were allowed to attend classes again fro the first time in July. However, without living at the school, which means that some of the children walk three hours there and three hours back every day in order to reach school. Some have now accommodated themselves in the near-by medicine post or in Palam, the winter village of Ringmo, take care of themselves and attend school from there.

Three teachers visit the villages in rotation and teach the children in kindergarten and the younger pupils. They give tasks until the next visit so that these children do not drop out of the school system entirely. Digital forms of learning are still impossible in this region without electricity and reception, let alone the necessary equipment.

We are proud of our team and the students  who despite the difficult conditions continue to enable schooling and participate in learning respectively.