Rebuilding the Tapriza School (12/11/2015)

At the school rebuilding has started. In 2015 labourers carried out the preliminary works and dug a pit for a strong foundation.

The west wing of the school with classrooms in the ground level and bedrooms for the boys and teachers on the fist floor obtained cracks because the ground underneath it sank. Thereforeit was not safe anymore. The entire building is to be shifted further backwardsonto stable ground and reconstructed with a strong foundation. However, sincethe earthquake there is a shortage of skilled personnel, because they usually comefrom the main affected areas and returned home to help there. Despite this,after the monsoon non-skilled labourers began with the preparations for therebuilding. They logged and sawed wood and collected stones. The raw materialwas transported to the school where it can dry properly. They began to dig afoundation pit. In the winter break and the spring the damaged building will bedemolished to make space and to reuse the material. The reconstruction willstart in the coming spring. Until then, the other buildings are partly to beconverted to a new use and some activities will be relocated into the tentsthat we financed with the donations after the earthquake. They can then bereused during school performances or future earthquakes. The lessons continued as ever – with some improvised classrooms and food in the open – in 2015 and will so in the coming year.