Documentary film - Tapriza School, Dolpo, Nepal (08/01/2018)

This documentary by Lou Sophie Doerig - NOW AVAILABLE on Youtube - is about Tapriza School in Dolpo, Nepal. It was founded by locals (Semduk Lama and Geshe Yungdrung Wangyal) in 1998 in cooperation with Dr. Marietta Kind, a social anthropologist from Switzerland.

The school provides education up to the 10th grade. For the 11th and 12th grade the students go to Kathmandu. In the film present and former students as well as parents give their view about the school and provide an insight into the everyday life at Tapriza School.

Length: 21 min.     Languages: Englisch/Tibetisch/Nepali with English subtitles
Year of release: 2017

© 2017 Lou Sophie Doerig - Final assignment for the Matura. In Nepal with the support of the schoolmanagers Semduk Lama and Ramchandra Budha as well a the antrhopologist Dr. Marietta Kind, Franziska Doerig, Urs und Lili Furger; in Switzerland with the support of Bea and Franziska Woerig, Stefan Rohner, Thomas Lüchinger, Felix Stickel, Nathan Pharizat Zambaz.

Youtube Link: 
"Dokumentary, Tapriza School"

The helper team in Dolpo with Lou Doerig in the middle.