Class sponsorship

With this sponsorship you support a class for five years. The longterm support gives us the opportunity to ensure continuity and prepare multi-annual action plans

A class sponsorship lasts for a minimum of five years and includes a membership. The annual sponsorship contribution is CHF 360 (1CHF per day).

After extensive clarifications and in accord with the recommendations of the ZEWO quality seal, we do not support sponsorship of a single child. The contributions are distributed to the respective students in need on the estimate of the local school committee. In this way we are trying to prevent jealousy and disparity and provide as fair structures as possible for the children regardless if they are mainly sponsored by their parents or through a sponsorship.

Our account at Credit Suisse
Tapriza NGO - CS-Credit Suisse:
CHF Account. No. 298535-90
IBAN CH18 0483 5029 8535 9000 0
Bank Clearing No: 4835, BIC/SWIFT: CRESCHZZ80A

Our account at the Swiss postal office – Postfinance
Tapriza NGO – Swiss Postfinance: 
Account No. 87-522110-0 
IBAN: CH30 0900 0000 8752 2110 0
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