American Himalayan Foundation

Through the organisation Friends of Dolpo the American Himalaya Foundation (AHF) has supported the school and the other projects since the beginning and provides important contributions.

Our partners – local and worldwide

The Tapriza School and Projects have a broad funding body. It consist of the local community, their local NGO and support from abroad.

Main partners

Further cooperation partners for health projects

  • Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation (common health projects)
  • One Heart International,  main seat USA (health and midwife programs)

Amongst the partner organisations there is a cooperation and close exchange of ideas and know how. Transparency is central to us. This is only possible if the finances are openly communicated to all sides and both bookkeeping and budgeting show the support of all involved. We thank our partners for the great cooperation. We are also happy for any further support, please contact us, if you would like to join in on one of our projects. We are looking forward to meeting new interested people and organisations.

TASHI D - the local NGO for the Tapriza School and Projects

In Dolpo the non-profit organisation TASHI D. (Tapriza Association of Social Help in Dolpo) was founded to support the education and preservation of local culture and religion.

The non-profit organisation runs the Tapriza School and the additional local projects through a democratically elected board. The abbreviation TASHI D. signifies the Tibetan word Tashidelek, which is used as a greeting and means fortune and blessing. The organisation is officially recognised as non-profit in Nepal. The founding members are people from the various villages who belong to the region Phoksumdo and form a cultural unit. Together they want to observe and shape the economic and cultural development of Dolpo.

The NGO "Tapriza Association of Social Help in Dolpo" (Phoksundo VDC ward No 9, Pugmo, Dolpa) is officially registered at the District Administration Office of Dolpo with the official number (Permanent Account Number PAN of the Government Tax Office) PAN No. 301734901, date  14th September 2004 (Nep. date 29/05/2061) and its bookkeeping is annually audited by the respective office.

Friends of Dolpa - Our American partner organisation

The American Catherine Inman was initially in Dolpo with the Peace Corps and then repeatedly worked in Dolpo on national park exchange and biodiversity projects. Parallel to the Tapriza NGO, she founded the NGO 'Friends of Dolpa' to support the Tapriza School and other projects from America. She works closely with us and is a precious partner with the same aims and ideas.
Read more on her homepage!

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