Tapriza NGO Switzerland

The non-profit organisation Tapriza Switzerland was founded in 1997 to address interested people and supporters in Europe who would like to support the school in Dolpo. We are in direct contact with the school manager, the teachers and the village population, insofar the remote and isolated location of Dolpo allows it. We inform our donors and members regularly with an annual report, a newsletter and regular news updates on our homepage. In Switzerland we organise events and presentations. Thereby it is important for us to keep the administrative costs as low as possible, so that every donations actually flows into the project. To secure the upkeep of the school the Tapriza NGO works together with the American organisations 'Frends of Dolpo' and 'American Himalayan Foundation'.
Under the regulation of the 20th of October 1998 the Tapriza NGO is officially registered as non-profit and all donations are tax exempted.   

Location of the Tapriza office

Tapriza Verein
Bahnhofstr. 35
CH-8001 Zürich
Tel/Fax +41 44 221 26 69

The office is only occupied part time, for a meeting please contact us in advance by email.

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