Western Medicine

As much as possible we contribute to the health post to improve basic health care. There are plans to build up a future maternity clinic. Further, we support health educational work and the work of nurses with additional midwife training.

In the year 2006 new rooms for medicine and medical support could be built thanks to a donation from Ernst Göhner Stiftung and the support of the American Himalayan Foundation. The rooms were useable from 2007, a health post came into existence and was looked after by the respective worker of the health department. The rooms are located on the opposite side of the river from the Tapriza School, directly next to the Tibetan medical clinic. The location offside from the school is important to reduce the rise of infection as sick people previously had to be accommodated in the school premises.

The health worker of the health department is employed by the government and represents western medicine. The two methods should however not stand in competition with each other, but instead complement each other in their competencies and fields of activity. The entire region can profit from traditional as well as western medicine.The clinic has improved the health care of the school and the surrounding villages considerably, as the closest functioning hospital is in Nepalganj which takes a two week walk to reach.

In the health post with central location in the VDC Phoksumdo courses and advanced education programs for various groups are organized, for example a course for the women's groups of Phoksumdo on hygiene, birth and prevention and dealing with complications.

Because in the last few years the government health worker is only rarely available locally, a new extension of the health services is planed with local nurses, former students from the Tapriza School or the region. This expansion is done in cooperation with One Heart World Wide und Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation. A central birth clinic is planed at the health post including two outposts in the villages Ringmo and Pugmo for ambulatory treatment (the construction is ready, but the equipment and staff needs to be added...). The nurses and health assistants chosen to work there receive an additional midwife training (Skilled Birth Attendant) and are provided with necessary materials. Donations in support of the health projects are most welcome.

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