NEWS Support a region

support of local projects in adult education, health and hygiene, cultural heritage, local handicrafts and yak farming

Smaller projects in the surrounding

Frequently we support the implementation of smaller projects in the vinicity such as the cleaning of the surrounding areas and the repair of important footpaths to ensure connectivity.

Repair of the Changmar path
This path is an important access route for villagers and trekkers, especially also for our students. During the monsoon rains the path along the Suligad river becomes very dangerous and is regularly washed away. Therefore it needs to be rebuilt every year. In 2006 we supported a more sustainable repair during which the path was strengthened with metal grids. The village committee paid the workers directly so that the money did not flow into other pockets under way. Thanks to fair payment and corresponding motivations the quality improved considerably.

Environment – Cleaning of the Ringmo Eco-Club
The camping site next to the village Ringmo which is located directly at the lake, repeatedly turned into a dumping site because the various trekking teams did not burn their garbage and disposed it there. In the year 2007 we supported the Ringmo Eco-Club to clean the place and install a rubbish pit in which the garbage can be collected and burnt occasionally.  

Drinking water supply pipe for Renji
We contributed to water pipes and intermediate pieces for the installation of a drinking water connection to the village Renji.
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