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support of local projects in adult education, health and hygiene, cultural heritage, local handicrafts and yak farming

Where is Dolpo?

Location of Dolpo within Nepal and location of the school in Dolpo

Bon Religion

The Bon religion developed along side Buddhism which was established in the 7th century. Today Bon religion has a structured doctrine.

Books on Dolpo

Literature on Dolpo and on the Bon religion.

Preserving and promoting cultural heritage

Monasteries, shrines, statues and murals form Dolpos unique cultural heritage. Often the financial means to preserve and renovate the cultural assets professionally.

The Tapriza NGO has enable the renovation or upgrading of varous monasteries. Supported was the extension of Thasung Tsholing monastery in Ringmo (tib. Tsho) and of the Yungdrung Droduling monastery in Hurikot and the complete restoration of the Thaktsen Rabgyeling monastery in Pugmo with a new roof, statues and murals. In Kalibon the Tapriza NGO contributed to the building of a new monastery. Further, the renovation of various religious shrines (tib. Chörten, skr. Stupa), the reconstruction of hermitages and the preservation and reprint of historical scripts were sponsored.

In a small research project the students and teachers of the Tapriza School studied the local culture, asked the village elders about local history and recorded traditional songs. In cooperation with the umbrella organisation for the promotion of Bon tradition (Nepal Bon Buddhist Federation) which was founded in the year 2008, the drafting of an own teaching material is planned in which the research results of the school project will be included.
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