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support of local projects in adult education, health and hygiene, cultural heritage, local handicrafts and yak farming

Drinking Water & Sanitation

Access to clean water increases the hygiene standard at the school.

Health and hygiene

Ever since the foundation of the Tapriza School it has been an endeavour to improve the health situation of the population of Phoksumdo as far as our financial and personnel resources allow.

The Tapriza NGO supports the Tibetan medical clinic Chunubar Mentsikhang which lies close to the school and was founded by the WWF Nepal and PPI (Peoples and Plants Initiative). Since 2008 an employee of the health department who is trained in western medicine worked for a while side by side with the Tibetan doctors (tib. Amchi). The doctors complement themselves in competences and ranges of action. The Tapriza NGO financed the building of the premises, especially a patient room to allow stationary treatment and longer medical clarifications. The clinic has improved the health care of the school and the surrounding villages as the closest functioning hospital is in Nepalganj which takes two weeks to reach on foot.
        In cooperation of the Tibetan doctors with the health representative awareness and prevention courses are held on aids, tuberculoses, hepatitis and other illnesses.
Unfortunately, the school and the villagers are still dependent on the government health workers who most of the time are not present when needed. We are working on better solutions to further improve the health care situation in Phoksumdo.

Our account with Credit Suisse for HEALTH PROJECTS
Tapriza - Gesundheitsprojekte (Health Projects)
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