Sanitation and Drinking Water

Projects supporting the construction of toilets in the villages and enhancing the access to clean water increase the health of the people in Dolpo and our students.

Drinking Water, Toilets and Showers at the School

The school compound now has a well, drinking water pipes with own tank and new sanitary facilities.

With a tank and supply pipes the drinking water is led directly to the school. The well is available for every-day use and direct water pipes lead into the kitchen, showers and toilets. In the showers black warm water pipes have been installed so that by sufficient sun light the students and teachers can take warm showers. The teachers and students enjoy the new innovation even though in autumn with little sunlight they still have to shower with cold water. New toilets with water and tank have been constructed. However, at peak times there are still queues with the growing number of children.  
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