From Three Huts to an Own School Compound

The school opened in 1998 in a self-renovated building of the Shey Phoksumdo National Park in Sumduwa. Thereafter the parents provided land and the construction in Sajol began. The school house built in 2000 was designed by the school manager Semduk Lama together with the architect Urs Furger. Aim was to construct the buildings in phases so that they could fulfill the requirement of the school, the local traditions and possibilities and the constantly growing number of students. The school buildings are traditional structures and made of locally available material. Merely the glass windows, the solar panels and the warm water pipes had to be bought outside the district and transported there.

From an one-storey building laid out in a U, the school house was gradually extended with attached bedrooms, kitchen and dining rooms. With the multipurpose building which was completed in the year 2008, the court yard was closed of on all sides. This is the most important recreational area for students and teachers. In the year 2012 another building with dining rooms, solar battery station, offices and teacher rooms was constructed. At the same time the entire school compound was encircled by a wall, on the one hand to keep the animals out of the school garden and on the other hand to prevent the flow of Yartsa-Gunbu pickers and travelers from crossing through the school compound.
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