Scholarship fund

Support the former Tapriza students with scholarships for the continuation of their education

Scholarships for Further Studies after Class 10

In the year 2004 we started supporting individual students from Dolpo in their further studies. Since the first students graduated from the Tapriza School and continued with their further studies, scholarships came more and more necessary.

We from the Tapriza NGO are supporting all former students in their IA education (10+2) with the same basic contribution independent from the chosen subject or place. Further, we support all of them with the opportunity to stay in our hostel in Jorpati (in Kathmandu) for free. The support however is just enough for the tuition fees, depending on the subject chosen it does not cover these also. Therefore we are thankful for any further contributions to the further studies of our former Tapriza students.

The first batch of our Tapriza students started their IA education, known as 10+2, after completion of their Class 10. The financial means however are a problem. Thanks to additional contributions we could support them with certain amounts and secur their further studies: 
  • Pasang Drolma Rokaya (Ringmo, female): 'Humanities' and from autumn 2010 nurse training (Soroptimist International Club Zürich and Union Schweiz, as well as WWF Nepal)
  • Sherab Sangmo Rokaya (Punikha, female): 'Humanities' (Soroptimist International Club Zürich and Union Schweiz, as well as WWF Nepal)
  • Khamsum Lama (Pumer, *1993, male, SLC: 77%):  'Science Aims' (Stipendien zur Selbsthilfe, Bern, CH)
  • Nyima Gyaltsen Baijee (Pugmo, *1994, male, SLC: 75.64%): 'Science'
  • Chemet Bajiee (Ringmo, *1991, male, SLC: 74%): 'Science Aims'
  • Namgyal Gurung (Rikhe, *1994, male, SLC: 73.5%): 'Management Aims BOOM-Business Office Organisation of Management'
  • Tsewang Gyalpo Baijee (Ringmo, male, SLC: 72.13%): 'Management Aims – Travel and Tourism'
  • Gyamtso Rokaya (Ringmo, male, SLC: 66.38%): 'Management Aims – Hotel Management'
We are grateful for any contributions for the coming batches of Tapriza students.

In the year 2006 Hem Bahadur Rokyaya from Kaigaun-Hurikot was given a scholarship to continue his studies. In the first annual exam he passed with excellency and belonged to the best of his year.

Dakpa Lama (also known as Ang Bahadur), an orphan from Pugmo, was one of the first students supported for his Bachelor studies. He went to school in Kaigaun first and then in Dunai up to Class 12. Thereafter he joined university in Surkhet where he studied education and other subjects. In the first year he received help from his uncles, brothers and sisters, until it was too much of a financial burden to them. Therefore, the Tapriza NGO and FOD decided to support him in the last four months of his study. Dakpa Lama was the first person from Phoksumdo to achieve an university degree. For one year after his graduation he worked as a teacher at the Tapriza School. Then he started working for the NGOs Kirdak and One Heart International.
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