Partnerorganisations of the Tapriza School

English Courses for Adults

Speaking English is becoming increasingly important in Dolpo with the growing tourism. There is a large demand from the villagers to learn the language locally.

In the winter 2000/2001 for the first time local teachers conducted English lessons for adult which we supported. The attendance was enormously high and the demand kept growing. To the surprise of the men many woman participated diligently in the course and even continued after it was officially finished. Additionally in 2003 we started supporting members of our partner organisation TASHI-D (Tapriza Association for Social Help in Dolpo) with a small contribution for English courses in Kathmandu during the winter months. We hope to increasingly include them and the villagers into the NGO work, the budgeting and other works and would like to enhance their communication skills so their interaction possibilities with donors and interested people from abroad improve. Since then we offer a small budget for such advanced trainings if required.
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