Wood Carving

A few local masters are responsible for the artistic and common wood carving in the region. Besides ploughs, saddles and carrying devices for yaks which have to be fitted to each individual animal, they carve pillars, doors and book shelves for monasteries or figures of deities and small tables.

In the winter 2004/2005 one of the graduates of the thanka painting course from Ringmo participated in a wood carving workshop in Kathmandu with a scholarship we financed. His father was a local specialists for every-day carving as well as for artistic carving in monasteries and their interiors. Many of the bridles, the yak and horse saddles, Dramnyen (string instrument), elaborate pillars, small tables, altars, book shelves and so forth were carved by him. His son had already been helping him for many years and also obtained basic skills in thanka painting. Since the death of his father he is now responsible for the traditional carving.
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