Oral Transmission of Local Knowledge

This is a project which took a long time in planing and was very important for the school committee. Drung their annual school trips the students focus intensively on their own history and culture for the first time. They visit villages and interview the elders and Lamas. The respondents enjoyed the inquisitiveness of the students and were pleased to share their knowledge and tell about how things used to be and what they know from their forefathers. What did the people eat? How did they dress? With whom did they trade? Which religious ceremonies were common? The idea behind this project is in the long run to collect enough information from the villagers to compile a small local history book. Further, the findings of the research will contribute to new teaching materials that will be developed in cooperation with the parent organization for the promotion of Bon tradition (Nepal Bon Buddhist Federation) which was founded in Nepal in the year 2008. The work is in progress.
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