Tapriza Deutschland e.V.

Since 2017, the new foundation Tapriza Deutschland e.V. supports the Tapriza School.

Elisabeth (Noll) and Daniel Brinckmann newly founded this NGO. According to the statutes, the purpose of the association is «to promote education, public education and vocational trainings as well as the public health services and public health care in Nepal, in particular in the Dolpo region. The purpose of the statutes is in particular realized by the provision of funds by e.g. acquisition of donations, the raising of public funds or foundation funds. These are then allocated to the Verein Tapriza, Zürich/Switzerland, for the realisation of the above-mentioned tax-privileged purposes. Alternatively, the association can fulfil its purpose directly by providing financial support for the development, expansion and operation of the Tapriza School in Dolpo/Nepal and the Tibetan medicine clinic near the school.»

People residing in Germany can now donate to the Tapriza school via Tapriza Deutschland e.V.. The donations are tax-exempted if the complete address is provided for the transfer.

The German donation account is:
Recipient: Tapriza Deutschland e.V.
IBAN: DE78 5209 0000 0000 1132 04
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