NGO report 2020 (25/05/2021)

In 2020, the Tapriza NGO had a total of 185 members (including 38 class sponsorships, 59 sponsors) and 118 donors. Of the latter, 16 donated to specific projects (health, grants).

The 22nd general meeting took place on June 19, 2020, but was not held in the usual way due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead it was carried out by postal voting. The 41 participating members unanimously approved all agenda items.

Thank you
2020 was a year of challenges worldwide. That is why we are particularly grateful to our members and donors who continued to support the school and projects in Nepal. This was extremely important for the students, the teachers, the school management, and the team in Nepal, because the temporary closure of the school and the postponement of the construction projects triggered great uncertainties. Thank you very much for your sustained support.

Extraordinary contributions (in CHF)
11’550    collection in memory of Ju¨rg Furger
  2’380    Ecole d’Humanité Hasliberg (donations from the soup days)
  2’000    Monika Bütler
  1’500    je S. Hartmann (health scholarship), K. Weiss & S. Droz
  1’000    je Dr. iur. N.U. Vögeli, M. Angehrn, E. & St. Leutenegger Sonnenholzner,
              A. & B. Seleski, C & B. Plichta, Dr. U. Rutz, D. Wegener, as well as               anonymous donors