Exhibition: Dolpo Nepal. A Time Travel to Upper Dolpo (18/09/2014)

In an exhibition from the 23rd of December 2014 to the 18th of January 2015 Claudia Schmid, who supports the Tapriza NGO with the health projects, leads us on a time travel through Upper Dolpo in impressive photographs.

In powerful pictures Claudia Schmid, BergFrau, tells us about the 35 days she trekked through Dolpo in a journey through time. Dolpo belongs to the remotest regions of the world in midst of towering snow-capped mountains. There are no mobile phones or electricity. An experience!

The opening is on the 5th of January 2015 with bar and concert from 6.30 pm onwards. The percussionist Lukas Niggli with his large gongs and percussions reminds of the Nepalese and Buddhist music in a subtil way.

Place: Zum Hut, Uster
Entry: free, donation collection for the Tapriza NGO
Daily Dal Bhat, typical Nepali food