Call for donations: Emergency situation in Dolpo (02/06/2021)

It is becoming more and more evident that the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic will affect the people in Dolpo severely. The situation has been worsening every day since the end of May. Nepal currently has one of the highest rates of infection in the world. In contrast to last year, the Covid-infections are now spreading extremely quickly in Dolpo and the first people have died from the disease.

The health posts and the hospital in Dunai are not equipped to deal with such illnesses. There is a lack of oxygen, ventilators, masks and medication, actually of everything. Some infected government employees have been flown to other hospitals by helicopter. This, however, is an option most locals cannot afford.

Now the Dolpo residents have mobilised to better protect themselves and receive effective treatment. Thanks to our budgeted emergency reserves, we have already been able to provide CHF 3000.- so that oxygen, masks, and medication can be bought immediately and transported to the district headquarter by helicopter.

In all the measures and deliveries that we support, the health workers, school staff, students and parents of the Tapriza School will have priority, especially their health care requirements and other survival aids. It is equally important to us that the health care workers have access to protective suits, masks, and medication so that they are protected during their work. Our school manager Semduk Lama is in contact with actors in the region in order to weigh up needs and to be able to distribute purchased material in a targeted manner.

However, our first emergency aid does not nearly cover the local requirements. Further donations are needed to better serve the local population in the pandemic. 
Your donation can help. Please use the note "Covid Emergency Aid" on the bank slip. Thank you for supporting the school and the people in Dolpo during these times.

IBAN: CH18 0483 5029 8535 9000 0
Note: Covid Emergency Aid