Health projects and advanced trainings 2017 (29/01/2018)

In the health centers we were able to employ former Tapriza students. Others we supported in their further education and advanced trainings. We were also able to support the visit of a Tibetan doctor.

Once again we supplied the health posts with medicine and paid the salaries for the health workers Pasang Dolma, Kalsang Nyima, and Tenzin Wangmo. All three professionals are for- mer Tapriza students. Pasang is responsible for the health post Chunubar and the village Ring- mo, Kalsang and Tenzin for the villages Pugmo and Renji. Finally, the teachers could be relieved and treatment of pupils transferred to the specialists.

In 2017, we supported Yungdrung Budha’s medical studies as well as Phurba Yangzom Budha’s and Raju Ukheda’s health assistant courses.

In September, the Tibetan doctor Amchi Namsay Lama as well as Geshe Denyi Sedrup and his students from the Tibetan medical clinic in Kathmandu visited the region. They practiced in different villages and treated our students, amas, and teachers in the neighbouring Tibetan medicine clinic. Traditional Tibetan medicine still enjoys a great reputation in Dolpo.

In addition to the scholarships in health care, we awarded a scholarship to Suchan Budha in this year. She studies environmental sciences and plans to complete her master thesis on «The Potential of Ecotourism in Dolpo». Furthermore, we contributed to trainings for our former students as trekking guides, cooks, carpenters, and engineering draftspersons.