Bon Symposium Kathmandu (07/12/2012)

In combination with the Mendrup ritual in Kathmandu a Bön Symposium took place with a number of speakers who talked on Bön religion in Nepal and on various specific topics of Bön. 10.-11. Dec 2012. Click for more infos

  • Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung: Introductory remarks
  • Marietta Kind Furger: The Treton lamas and their impact on the propagation of Bon in Dolpo
  • Yashuhiko Nagano: Bon Studies in Japan
  • Dangsong Namgyal: Bon dang stonpa gshen rab kyi mdzad pa la ngos 'dzin byed phyags
  • Françoise Pommaret: Bon in Bhutan: what is in the name?
  • Riccardio Canzio: Bonpo Ceremonies. What's going on here?
  • Samten Karmay: The Bonpo Thanka (C 2006.66.53) kept at Rubin Museum of Art revisited
  • Charles Ramble: Bon: A vital part of the cultural heritage of Nepal
  • John Myrdhin Reynolds: The cult and practice of the Bonpo wrathful deity Walchen Gekhod, also known as Zhang-zhung Meri

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