ECO campaign and film award (26/05/2023)

The ECO Club received national recognition for its work. We are proud of our students.

Awareness of environmental protection should also grow in Shey Phoksumdo National park, where the school is located. In June, the employees of the Shey Phoksumdo National Park carried out a biodiversity conservation program at the school. In August, the school’s own Eco-Club received a visit from the director of the National Park. He came together with representatives of the WWF Nepal. They discussed their current activities with the Eco-Club members. Among other things, the students of the ninth and tenth grades, together with three teachers, cleared the area on the shores of Lake Phoksumdo and along the paths from garbage.

They recorded their activities ina short video entitled “Role of Youth in Wild life and Environment Conservation.” The video was awarded at the National Youth Forum in Nepal. We are proud of the ecological commitment of our students.