Reconstruction 2017 (29/01/2018)

The severe earthquakes in 2015 significantly damaged the side wing of the school building. Elaborate reconstruction work was necessary:

After tearing down and rebuilding the collapse-prone tract with the boys’ and teachers’ bedrooms in 2016, we completed the interior works in 2017. Thanks to a new generator, our carpenters were able to complete the woodwork surprisingly fast and we could provide the children with adequate bedrooms again as early as summer.

Then the second stage of reconstruction began: The damaged entrance tract had to be replaced. We decided to move the new building a few meters back. This will provide us with a bigger playground. Additionally, we can continue to use parts of the old building during reconstruction. Two wings are planned with 16 large rooms and a cellar storage room. Overall, the new building offers more space than the old one. This is important because the number of students is steadily increasing and government intends to extend the secondary level by class 11 and 12 soon. As planned, in 2017 we completed the shell construction of the ground floor of the first wing. It includes six larger and bright rooms.