Reconstruction of the damaged building (20/05/2016)

After the devastating earthquake the Tapriza School received donations of Fr. 100’000.- for the reconstruction of the damaged schoolhouse wing and Fr. 41’044.- for emergency aid and long-term rebuilding. We thank all of you for your generous contributions.

For the time being the boys who used to sleep in that building are staying in the diningroom. The students eat in a temporary structure made of wood and corrugated iron sheet.The lessons are held in the multipurpose building, commonly called the Gompa. The school also bought tents and tarpaulin sheets. They can be used in case of a future earthquake and also during the impending construction work. Lack of skilled labour force in Dolpo and new building regulations regarding earthquake security impeded the rebuilding of the schoolhouse wing. Due to this slow process until now only work for which no professionals or government approvals were required, has been completed. For example the ground for the foundation of the new building was excavated. The land was carried off and leveled. At the same time the workers leveled the land beyond the vegetable garden and the school expanding the com-pound. Moreover the wood for the new building has been cut and stored at the school to dry.

After long drawn-out clarifications it looks like we can reconstruct the replacement building with two storeys again – however additionally with a concrete foundation and reinforced pillars. These new requirements will probably generate higher building and transportation costs. Currently the final plans are being prepared. As soon as we receive the building per-mission from the local government and find the suitable specialists, we will pull down and rebuild the west wing.

You will find more news about the Tapriza School in our annual report. [AR_2015_en]