News from the Tapriza School and Hostel in Kathmandu (28/05/2015)

Most of the students and former students have returned to Dolpo from Kathmandu. At the school the rebuilding of the building with the boy's dormitory and five classrooms is being planned.

The students and former students of the Jorpati Hostel near Boudha spent the days after the first earthquake outside. It was difficult to get a tarpaulin or a tent. The rain and the fear robbed their sleep. When they were forced outside again after the second quake, they managed to find shelter under a makeshift tarpaulin tent.

In the meantime the students and former students have left Kathmandu and travelled to Dolpo. Only two of them have stayed back with the family of our vice school manager. The rest is now with their families and will stay there until the situation have somewhat normalised and the schools and colleges have reopened again. 

At the Tapriza School the rebuilding of the west wing is being planned. At the moment the school management needs to improvise, because the building is not safe to sleep or have lessons in. The students and teachers are living in the dining hall, in the new kitchen. The Gompa – the multipurpose building with library and so forth – is also used for teaching and living. The students again need to eat outside. 

A big thank to all of you who have supported the rebuilding with donations. 

jenny bentley