The Advent of Modernity: Electricity and Laptops (02/09/2014)

Since last year the school has enough electricity to enable the students access to computer education. At the school they can gain the necessary experience with modern technology in a guided and purposeful way.

This year the school received six new laptops from the Werth Foundation in collaboration with WWF. Now the students can gain first experiences with computers. The computer lessons already began in early October last year. For the first time the school offers the children the opportunity to work with modern technology. The school management, teachers and students are overjoyed and would like to cordially thank Peter Werth for his donation.

A new extended solar energy system has made the administration and the running of the school easier. In the year 2013 the school bought a projector and is now equipped with a computer,a copier, a printer and a TV. The teacher’s preparation time is thereby drastically reduced, and the new media is used in the lessons with enthusiasm.