School News from the Newsletter 2014 (18/02/2014)

The Tapriza School is running well and many new children joined. All about the summer excursion and more...

The Tapriza School in Phoksumdo is running well and undisturbed thanks to a stable team of teachers and staff who work smoothly together. Many new children joined. Thanks to support we could admit three children from the very remote village Mo where until now there is no school. In the beginning they were shy and suffered several childhood illnesses due to the first-time contact with so many children. In the meantime they have settled in well.

The highlight of the school year for the middle and the upper grades was the summer excursion to the sacred spring of Lama Chumik in the Gunasa valley. In celebration of the pilgrimage year which recurs every twelve years, the spring and the meditation caves of several religious masters were visited together with other pilgrims. The students stayed in caravan tents. They were taught in the history of the region by present Bon lamas, decorated themselves with flowers, crawled through caves to rid themselves from their «sins», drank holy water, picked medical plants and fulfilled the corresponding rituals – all in all a true-to-life lesson in local culture and history.

In the meantime another batch of students has successfully graduated from school. A new group of class 10 students reached Kathmandu for the first time and is visiting the winter school in preparation for the final exams in spring. Two girls and a boy qualified to start their studies to become a health assistant with our support so that they can in future also work in the health projects in Dolpo. Pasang Dolma, our former student, received her diploma as nurse and skilled birth attendant. Since then she has been working in our health post in Phoksumdo.