Interview with Tapriza students in Kathmandu (12/04/2013)

Once more we were able to support the former Tapriza students for their class 11 and 12 in Kathmandu. An interview of Bruce Moore with three of the students provides an insight.

Bruce Moore, of our Partnerorganisation American Himalayan Foundation, has talked with Yungdrung, Sonam and Pema .

Finding a new path

by Bruce Moore, 2013 in the AHF Blog

Yungdron, Sonam, and Pema all come from similar backgrounds: children of illiterate herders and farmers in the remote Dolpo district of Nepal. Today they are in Kathmandu studying in grades 11 and 12 thanks to a stellar education at the AHF-supported Tapriza school back home. I sat down with them recently at their hostel in the capital’s northwestern suburbs to see what they had planned for the future.

Sonam told me the education they received has given them something others from their villages never had: choice. “After grade 12 we can choose to maybe go on to college, get a job in an office, work in the Dolpo tourism industry, or start a small business of our own. Others had only one path; to be a farmer like our parents.”

Pema is also grateful for the opportunities she now has. “Back in the village girls work hard on the farm for not much return, my life will be different. My sisters are very proud of my achievements and I hope to be able to help my family in the future.” Now studying tourism management, she is going to open a small guesthouse back in Dolpa with her new skills.

“Kathmandu is not an easy place to live”, said Yangdron, “but the experience of living here will help us in our lives. We have learnt how other Nepalese, and some foreigners, do things and this has helped us grow. We miss Dolpo, but education is important and it is the only way we can change our lives.”

There are a dozen students in the hostel from Dolpo, most in grades 11 and 12 and one or two waiting for their grade 12 results to be published. Some were more eager to return home than others, but education has given all of them a real chance to improve life for their families wherever they end up.

From the Blog on Tapriza students on the AHF Homepage