Recommendation of Trekking Organisations

Dolpo Trekking

There is a great choice of agencies that offer trekkings to Dolpo. The three recommended agencies in Switzerland provide excellent offers and are well-organised. To people who prefer to travel more cheaply, have more time and are prepared to travel with a more simple service we recommend agencies from Dolpo itself, so local owners, guides and staff get a chance for work. They are very capable of giving a deeper cultural insight.

In Switzerland we recommend the following trekking agencies, with whom we have been co-operating and working together:

Located in Austria we advise the following agency:
  • Cultures Connect ( The treks are guided by the social anthropologist Dr. Gabriele Tauscher, they focus on knowledge exchange and offer insight into local culture, religion and medicine. 

In Nepal we recommend trekking agencies connected to Dolpo, owners, guides or crew are from Dolpo:

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