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Advanced training in teaching methods and gender awareness (26/05/2023)

2022 there were two important advanced trainings at the school. The teachers deepened their knowledge in applied teaching methods. The staff and students also took part in a gender awareness program.

Advanced training teaching methods
In the 2022 school year, the teachers received further training organised by the management directly at the school. For this purpose, a pair of experts from the Social Awareness Centre from Kathmandu came to Phoksumdo. In a very practice-orientated way, they presented numerous creative design options for school lessons. The teachers’ room was transformed into a creative workshop. The teachers immediately implemented newly acquired ideas. This resulted in a wide range of new school material for active, researching, and discovering lessons. The teachers tried out many learning games themselves so they could put themselves in the position of the learners, make own experiences, and receive feedback for the lessons.

In short: They played, learned, and laughed a lot. The participating teachers were enthusiastic and are now looking forward to testing the developed tools as well as the learning and movement games in class. A continuation is desirable to deepen what has been learned and to be able to exchange experiences made during the implementation in the classroom.

Gender awareness program
Another training took place in April. The aim was to raise awareness in the area of gender discrimination, child labour, and child marriage. A focus was laid on how to avoid behaviour that enabled such actions.