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First Tapriza alumni meeting (26/05/2023)

In February 2022, after a long Covid-19 enforced break, the need for social exchange increased. Since many alumni from Dolpo came to Kathmandu on the occasion of the New Year celebrations, committed youth organised a large Tapriza alumni meeting.

Along with the current school team, Marietta Kind had the honour of being part of their reunion. On foot or by scooter, the alumni arrived in the rented premises in the countryside with a view of the Kathmandu valley. After greetings and speeches, some former students talked about their careers, their difficulties and successes. They gave tips to the students that had newly arrived in Kathmandu and thanked the management, the teachers, and the sponsors for the continuous support.

A film team which is accompanying the school for a longer period of time, conducted interviews with employees and alumni. There are now nurses, care workers, teachers, farmers, traders, hotel and tourism specialists, trekking guides, solar power specialists, bridge builders, social workers, and environmental scientists among them. We are curious to see what will become of those who are still in their schooling and wish them all the best for the future.