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Winter school and students in Kathmandu (26/05/2023)

The winter school 2021/2022 was successful again. The students studied eagerly for their exams. But there was also time for new experiences, such as first steps in the climbing hall, together with our President Marietta Kind.

The hostel in Kathamndu was well occupied this year with the tenth year students. In Kathmandu, they receive additional tuition each winter because the school year in Dolpo is shortened due to the cold winter. In Kathmandu, the youth can supplement the missing subject matter. The final exams take place in spring. During the rest of the year, the Tapriza eleventh and twelfth year students live in the hostel.

Marietta Kind brought climbing equipment donated from the climbing gym Griffig in Uster so that they can do some sport in the urban environment of Kathmandu. In one of the newly built climbing halls in the capital, she taught the group of interested former students how to use the equipment safely.