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Tibetan medicine at the school and at the Amchi Clinic Chunubar (26/05/2023)

The Tibetan doctor Amchi Yungdrung Choekhortsang has just started working in the Amchi Clinic next to the school.

He graduated from Sorig Bumshi school in Kathmandu and practiced with Amchis in Boudha, Kathmandu. As he is from Upper Dolpo and has a good reputation as an Amchi, the people in Phoksumdo already know and trust him. In his first year in Dolpo he already had done over 900 treatments!

However, the appointment required a joint strategy. In February 2022, intensive talks were necessary with the executive committee of the Amchi Clinic in Dolpo, the Amchi School in Kathmandu, and the abbot of the monastery. The talks were conducted by the Tashi-D board of the school in Kathmandu, where they were supported by the Tapriza NGO president Marietta Kind. She had travelled to Kathmandu privately for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The Tapriza NGO supported the work of the Amchi by financing the Tibetan medicine purchased in Kathmandu and by providing him with accommodation in the former house of the health post.

Immediately after being appointed, Amchi Yungdrung cleaned up the orphaned Amchi Clinic and equipped it with many medical plants that he had picked himself. The students of the Tapriza School helped with the collection. In return, they received instructions in herbal medicine. They learnt which plants can be used to stop bleeding or which ones help against diarrhoea. In addition, the students received the first basics in producing medicine from the medical plants collected.