Tapriza Eco Club - a success story (22/01/2020)

In 2019, our students and our staff championed for environment and the cleanliness of the school and its surroundings. Their activities were even featured in national television. We are proud of them and their dedication to environmental issues.

They chose eleven representatives for the new committee of the Tapriza Eco Club. The Eco Club regularly collects the garbage that trekkers, yartsa gunbu collectors and other passer-by leave on the way and at the campsite. The members also keep the school clean and sensitise the students and local population to environmental issues.

This year, they opened a small shop in the school – a long-awaited request from the student body. The shop has stationaries, hygiene items, cookies, noodles and other food. The products are bought in Dunai or Nepalganj and sold at school prices, therefore cheaper than in the surrounding shops and market tents for trekkers. The students benefit from this opportunity and the Tapriza Eco Club can co-finance its activities with the small income.

The Eco Club impressed journalists who visited the Tapriza School. So they reported about it in a children’s new program of a national broadcaster. The program can be viewed on YouTube (

The Club is planning a hygiene campaign from Sulidad to Phoksumdo Lake and reforestation activities for next year. We are very proud of our students and are happy that they are leading the way with their commitment to protecting the environment in distant Dolpo.