We are contributing to the rebuilding after the earthquake (29/04/2015)

Since the earthquake on Saturday many people have contacted us to find out if the people in Dolpo and at the Tapriza School are safe and have offered donations. We thank all our members, donors, and friends for their concern as well as the numerous offers of help. We are receiving donations for earthquake relief in Dolpo and the Kathmandu region. We will, however, not be contributing to the emergency relief but first get an overview on the situation and utilise the donations for sustainable and long-term rebuilding.

At the moment it is difficult to get reliable information from Dolpo, because the telephones hardly work. After the first quake we heard that none of our students or staff in Dolpo were injured or had died. As far as we know to date all the Tapriza students, teachers, and families are all right, but it is still difficult to get a clear picture of the situation. We still know very little about the condition of the infrastructure. Furthermore, our school manager is concerned about landslides and avalanches the earthquake might have triggered, especially because some people have already left their homes to pick Yartsa Gumbu. The students in the Kathmandu hostel are so far coping all right. Because they are not safe in the building anymore, they are sleeping outside in the open. Access to water and electricity is getting harder. Because telephones cannot be charged, we cannot get in touch with the people anymore at the moment.

We deliberated a long time on how we could best help in the aftermath of the horrific earthquake and discussed with friends in Nepal, researchers, and Nepal experts. We have decided that at the moment we cannot offer emergency relief. The situation is very chaotic, relief supplies and personnel are stuck at the airport and the borders, money is vanishing. We will wait for a while and then contribute to purposeful rebuilding. Besides possible requirements of the Tapriza School, we will focus on health, children and other rebuilding projects in Dolpo, the Kathmandu-Region or the hardly hit country side. Donations can be transferred to our account with the note “earthquake relief”.

We are grateful for any support and will inform about our actions in the coming weeks. Mark donation with “earthquake relief”

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